I'm Amazed!

As I sit every night when I'm not writing and search through this vast cyberspace I find blog after blog that intrigues me.  I'm amazed.
I'm amazed at how many people are out there that I fell a kin to
- at how much beauty is represented by others just like me in there expressions and entries
-how blogging is an external journal of lives that we have been pr ivied to with this computer
-how I find myself fixated reading about so many peoples lives and find each one unique and extraordinary
-that I am blessed every time I read something in someone's blog that inspires me
-how one can be truly and utterly touched by someone's random words and inspired thoughts

I have selected these blogs because they have inspired, touched and amazed me in some way whether it was visual or spiritual.  Please take a moment to explore them.  You will be AMAZED!


Alexie said...

Yes, the internet and our ability to connect so quickly and vastly is truly a wonder. I pray that we can always use it to spread love and inspiration. Sadly, it is also used to hurt others. Love you :)

BTW, I love how you blog now recommends old posts to read and shows picture along with blogs you follow. How did you do that? SO cool!!

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