Pictures and Frames in every lil space.

Over the years I've learned so much from books, in particular Carolyne Roehm and Charlotte Moss, my two favorites and now Mary Carol Garrity.  I have spent hours looking through them and learning from the photos and descriptions.   I've also learned alot from Susan from Black Eyed Susan and of course from my friends Lisa and KC.  Anyway, I used to be overwhelmed with walls and not knowing what to put on them and now my husband says "Honey, were running out of wall space.  You don't think that's too much?"  And I say, "Nonsense!"
Well look at these photos of Mary Carol Garrity's home or store not sure which one.  Magnificent.
I love this photo of this little area under the steps.  What someone might leave undone or bare, she took it to the next level by converting it into a sitting area by adding a lovely chair.  Look at the wall how lovely the frames and plates surround the mirror and make this wall come alive. 
I love how Mary Carol mapped this wall out.  Placing all different size artwork in all different places.  Spectacular!

Now normally, I try not to be symmetrical anymore.  Kc taught me that and now I love to work in odd numbers or design something that isn't.  But here it works beautifully.  I think it helps that the framed art is varied.

This tiny area looks charming with these four frames.
I love this surprise.  A tiny wall becomes a simple masterpiece.  I love walking into someone's home and finding the unexpected like a tiny chair in a nook or a small wall adorned with artful treasures.

Hope Susan doesn't mind me adding these two, they are from her home.  I love her dinning room and her bathroom.  The walls are adorned with treasures in unexpected places.  I wish I had a bigger photo of her wall in the bathroom.  It is absolutely beautiful.


Susan said...

What a cool post! I love that you used some photos from my home. I do tend to have "a lot of stuff"...it's not even that on trend anymore, but somehowwhe I try to simplify, I just miss "my stuff"!

I too, love Mary Carol's stuff. We carry her line in the store off and on. The photos look like her booth at the trade shows I visit.

Inspiring! Thanks.

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