Road Trip!

Okay so it's a little early to think about September but is it really?  Lisa, KC and I are going on a road trip to Missouri, Kansas City to be exact.  (God willing) September 9 & 10 Mary Carol Garrity from the Nell Hill Stores and books will have her fall open house and sale.  Her home is photographed in all the books.  Well it turns out that Mary Carol Garrity has two open houses a year, one for Christmas and one for the Fall.  I don't know how long we can wait but this year is the 30th anniversary of the store.  The Fall one is supposed to be huge.  Women from all over the country make their pilgrimages to Missouri.  Hopefully we will be three of the many.  I can't wait.  Below are photographs of her famous home and storerooms.

Yeah she has my same colors and shares my love for blue and white.



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