Things I miss. . .

I miss . . .
-having no agenda or plan or major responsibility, except maybe my little part time job at our church rectory where I got 75 dollars a week and spend every dime on clothes and make up
- high school dances
-first dates or the anticipation of them
-being in a fast car
-asking what's for dinner knowing that I didn't have to do it
-singing in the band, being in a band
-long talks on the phone while someone was yelling for you to get off
-hanging out with my friends
-never ever having to clean or do laundry, thinking "the close just magically appears in my closet clean"
-being carefree, and everything that comes with being young
-youth group
-talking about youth group
-playing music really loud in my room
-my room
-hanging posters everywhere, cause you can
-coming home late

Things I would miss if I could go back. . .
-Tim and Matt, my sons
-my husband
-my house and things that have become my own
-the ability to know what is important, really important in life and not stress over silly things that really don't matter

If I could . . .
I would go back and do everything all over again but this time, slowly.

Here I was with my band at Creation festival
With crazy frizzy hair.  
Here I am on Easter Sunday in our church choir

Here I am again at Creation Festival.  Still Frizzy but having a ball.


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