Time To Document Another Christmas Gone By

Pages capturing moments in time.
Joy captured Forever
If only I could stop time.

I decided to scrapbook today.  I wanted to save every memory I had.  Every year I make a Christmas Scrapbook.  Rob says soon we will need to build another addition just to keep all my photographs and scrapbooks.  I know I have alot and if you calculate how many Christmas's a person might have, that's alot of books.  But I want that to be one of my legacy's left to my sons.  I want them to see that every year was special and cherished.  That Christmas is revered as a holy time with family and friends to be thankful for all that we have.  This year my dad wasn't in any of the photos nor was my dog Max.  It was odd making this book without them, but I know they are looking down on all of us.
On Saturday I'm going to take down all of my decorations and trees.  My friend Lisa and I get very depressed when we have to do that because we love Christmas so much.
I have decided not to put away my beloved Christmas books.  I shall keep them on my table to enjoy all year around.

I shall look through them and plan for next year.


Alexie said...

Don't you just hate"ordinary time"! So hard to figure out how to decorate. Susan should do a workshop on how to decorate for this time of year.

Alexie said...

Okay, so every time I look at your blog I can't help but want to put a coat on Bella and Edward. What's up with that?

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