Bird Fever

For those of you who love decorating, I'm sure you have noticed the latest bird craze in the last two years.  Well I found this video and thought it is too precious not to share.  Enjoy.  You'll never decorate with birds the same again without laughing.


AntiqueChase said...

I saw this last week and think it's the most hilarious video clip EVER... I showed it to both of my kids and the looked at me like I was crazy... Just as funny as the first time I saw it!!

shannon said...

Oh my gosh! How funny! Great way to start my day...thanks for this!
It's interesting to me that many of the people who love bird motifie's (spelling?) now don't even LIKE real birds! Isn't that crazy?!


Alexie said...

I showed this to John and he couldn't stop laughing!!
xo Alexie

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