Mother Son Dance in just a few weeks

Matthew and I will be attending our first mother son dance on March 12.  I can't wait.  Those were my favorite times with Tim at HGP.  Below are photos from every year with him and a photo of my new dress for the dance with Matt.
Freshman year

Sophomore year
Junior Year

Senior Year 

This is the dress I will be wearing on March 12.  I have same color shoes to match but they are really high.  Not sure what to do.  Any suggestions?  


shannon said...

Picture me doing the walk of shame!!!! Because that is what I'm doing right now!!! I am soooooooooooo embarrassed that I haven't spoken or e-mailed you since before Christmas!!!!!! Lee, can you forgive me? I told Susan recently that I was so regrettful that I haven't been in touch. I haven't been a good friend to anyone, really, these past few months...
Just know that I'm thinking about you and promise to not let this happen again.

The dress you picked out is stunning!!! The color is to die for!!!

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