Oh Winter, I am so over you!

These days, I am overwhelmed most of the time with the way my life is lately.  This year has been one of the hardest in my life and I feel like this winter has been the longest.
I want to go out and feel the sun on my face.
I wish to walk barefoot on the grass.
I want to sit on my porch and drink iced tea with my dogs.
I want to know that it doesn't get dark until 8:30pm.
I want to wake up and not freeze.
I want to sit on my deck and put on sunscreen.
I want to see my garden grow.
I want God to answer my prayers.
I want to let go of fear and worry.
I want the Winter to be over.


Lorri said...

Oh, yes I feel your pain. It is so cold here in GA. We are just not used to going weeks at a time with bone-chilling weather. I am ready for Spring!

Alexie said...

Just 44 more days. Hang on!!

Susan said...

Sweet friend...this too shall pass.

And the spring will be all the merrier for it. I promise.

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