What If My Influences Became Reality?

I had many favorite television shows that influenced my life.  I thought to myself, what it the shows became my reality?  Du du du du du du du du (to be hummed to the theme of THE TWILIGHT ZONE.
What if I had been Kelly Garrett?  Hmmmm
What if I had been Laura Petrie?  Hmmmmmm.
What if I had been in Party of Five? Hmmmmmm?  Matthew Fox the most dreamiest man alive.
What if I had been Marcia Marcia Marcia?  Hmmmmm.
What if I was Hope Steadman? Hmmmmmmm.  Ken Olin super hot then not so much now.
What if I were Lilly Manning in Once and Again?  Hmmmmm.


shannon said...

These pictures where you superimpose your face really crack me up! The funniest one, I think, is the Marcia one...

you silly girl!

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