Knee Deep In Dirt. . . Just The Way I Like It.

So today I took advantage of the beautiful day and decided to transplant some of my tulips and daffodils before they actually open.  Before we had the front porch garden done, I had a simple tulip and narcissus and daffodil row and then my Hydrangeas came and I planted them years ago in spots away from them but they expanded and grew into monsters growing over and on top of my bulbs.  So today I decided that I would try to rescue them.  I believe I succeeded about 85 percent of them have new homes.  The other ones broke as I stuck the shovel in the ground.  I'll try again next year.

With a little love, sun, water and some warmer days (not this week) hopefully they will survive.  It felt wonderful to dig through the soil and feel the earth awakening beneath my fingers.  
Here's to Spring!  May it surprise us with it's beauty and warmer days.


Alexie said...

Spring has greeted me the last three days with a total of 5..YES 5!! inches of snow. One day my yard was clear, the deer where out, I was weeding in the sunshine and the next, BAM two snow storms, 1 school closing and 1 more delayed opening just to add insult to injury. I just want to cry. God did not get the memo about spring up here.
: ) Love you!

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