Oh Tufting Oh Tufting! How do I love thee Oh Tufting!

So I called KC to the rescue two nights ago after going out and doing something on my own.  A few days ago I went to Calico Corners to place my order for my new window treatments for the new Study.
Note to Reader:  It's still not built yet!  But that's just a minor detail!  Hee Hee.
(We will be breaking ground soon.  Will keep you posted.  Literally!)
Rob is away on his yearly golf outing in Palm Springs.  Now anytime he's away for quite a while I tend to . . . how should I say? . . . . hmmmm. . . Get into mischief!  Anyway, I'm there right and if you are familiar with the store you know that not only do they have incredible fabric but beautiful little pieces of furniture every now and then.  I have one chair and an ottoman from there from years back.  Well I have had this obsession with tufted furniture lately.  I originally wanted a tufted green velvet couch for the study.  I also have an obsession with velvet.  Well after seeing that most of the couches that I wanted were over four thousand dollars I put the tufted couch picture out of my head.  Rob and I had said that when we have all the furniture we could look for a smaller tufted velvet chair eventually.
In my defense I have to say that in no way was I out to buy any furniture at all.  We just placed our complete order from Ethan Allen and I was just out to get curtains.
But then I saw it!  The violins began to play in my head.  My friend Charmaine works there and she was helping me out.  When I saw the chair I lost it.  It was beautiful.  It is beautiful.  (Although my camera did not capture it's color.  It is a cognac or a warm honey, this looks lighter and brassy)
Well Charmaine said "You know its 50% off right.  Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Needless to say, here are the photos of my new chair.


Alexie said...

"Fabulosity" Is it staying in the screening room or going to Robby's den.

Susan said...

Tufting is divine!

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