Wishful Thinking

Spring! Spring! Spring!
I am counting the days, hours and minutes till Spring.  Yesterday we mulched!  Everything looks neat and tidy in the garden except for my broken fence after the storm we had that knocked down heavy branches in my perennial garden.
Here you can see the side that the branches took out of my Perennial garden.
Everything looks nicer with mulch.  Yesterday our landscaping company mulched everything for us.
It looks very neat and bare.  Just you wait!  Sometimes I walk inside my garden and I can't even see the dirt.  Can't wait.  Above you can see the Wisteria branches intertwined, just waking from it's dormant winter siesta.

My roses are starting to stretch in their beds and soon they will be bursting with color.
I decided to place this pretty greens wreath on my door to Welcome Spring!  I love it against the black although it looks like I have a few scuff marks I need to tend too.
Funny the way life is.  All my friends, (except for KC) are not into gardening.  I can't imagine not having my fingers dipped in dirt in the planting season, or the heels of my feet not stained in green from walking barefoot in the grass.  I love the feel of dirt in my hands, enjoy walking every day in my garden to see what is the latest surprise and who has arrived.  I love knowing the names of my plants especially their latin names.  It's an entirely different language, plants.  An extension of God.
I love the placement of stones in odd places in the garden especially with messages.

Everything is bare now, but soon I shall see this.  This will be my view.
I want to look from beneath my trees and be surrounded by their majesty, their enormous branches filled with leaves.  I want to see a blanket of green from my deck and porch and window.
I want to peek through my garden fence and see this.  
Want to sit on my front porch and be greeted by friend Constance.  
Look at her beauty!  I can't imagine anything more beautiful.  KC and I are obsessed with her and our love for Roses.  Please double click on Constance she is too pretty not to appreciate in HD.  Hee Hee.
Lastly I want to sit on my front porch and stare at my Hydrangeas that are incredible.  Each one a mixture of colors.  "Sigh" Patience!  Patience! She will come, Spring will come.
Life is about appreciating and enjoying the beauty that is all around us.  My love for animals and nature is part of who I am.  To deny myself that luxury is to take away my reason to live.


Alexie said...

I know, I can't wait too. By the way, I also love to garden. Last year was my first spring in the house so could not do much (remember all my deer troubles?) but this year I am starting my perennial garden. I want spring so badly that I even grilled twice already this week. Just the smell reminds me of warm weather. Love you!

Denise said...

I always drool over your garden and yard photos. *sigh*

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