Signs Of Good Things To Come

I bought these two little guys today.  Two new dogwoods for my home.  A white one and a pink one.  My two dogwoods on my property are dying and I needed to have replacements on hand.  I love them so.  Love that they have a history with Jesus.  The flower has the signs of the cross in stains that look like blood.  (whether or not it is true or not, I love thinking about nature reflecting our beliefs)
Today felt truly magical for me.  I have been sick with Asmhatic Bronchitis and was in the ER on Saturday.  Totally missed Easter.  Never felt that sick before.  Today was my first day feeling like almost myself again.  And I was looking at this view just a few minutes ago with the sun going down.  I love how the white just glow against the grass.  It's ghostly white.  Love it.  
I love Adirondack chairs.  My grandfather used to make them.  I wish I had one of his creations but I think these work fine.  
The garden is finally beginning to wake from it's long slumber.  My roses in the back on my trellis are doing well.  (look KC.)
We have had so much rain.  So much!  But I guess that's why everything looks so fabulously green.  My perennial garden is starting to flourish.  (Fence is getting fixed soon.)

And to my surprise I was greeted by my favorite of all.  My Lilacs.  I found these lil guys today. And they smell heavenly.  
This carpet of grass is incredibly lush and green and I love the contrast with the lime green bushes.  

I had some energy so I washed down my front porch.  I placed this beautiful antique crocheted table cloth on my table.  How sweet is that?  It reminds me of the south.  

So I'm ready.  Ready for longer days, warmer temperatures, and evening alfresco.  Time to sit, dream and swing. 


Susan said...

...can I come over?!!

I guess you can tell from my lack of posting that I'm in the weeds with too many projects!

I'm so sorry that you've been down and out. Ugh. sounds miserable. Come see me soon!

Happy Spring indeed!

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