Again With The Garden?

Do you know how Bella and Edward are in love, completely, passionately and irrevocably in love?  Well I do feel that for Edward but aside from that. . . I feel it for my garden.  (yeah my hubby too)  Hee Hee
So I'm sorry if you just clicked in and are thinking  "this girl and her stupid garden"  but I truly am in love.

We took out our little birdhouse form the vegetable garden since the study will be in that spot, so I transplanted one of my many clematis and placed it here for the birds.  (need to power wash wall)

These next few photos of this trellis are to document the amount of buds there are on my New Dawn climber and my Iceberg climber.  (Kc hope yours get like this too.)  Kc and I share the same roses and the love for them.  

Please click on these to enlarge so you can see how many buds.  OMG!  I can't wait.  Please God protect them from the rain.  

I think this is the year that my roses have had the most buds.

Here's my later blooming lilac bush.  It smells like heaven outside.

My peonies are starting to blossom everywhere.  My love for peonies is almost as strong as my love for lilacs, roses and hydrangeas.

Here's my rose garden in the front.  Reminds me of a pregnant woman in her 9th month about to burst.  My dearest Constance ironically is not doing as well as I had hoped.  Two years ago it had more than 500 blooms, now I am lucky if I find ten.  It is the one against my porch.  Last year it broke in half due to a terrible storm.  It has grown but I don't see it that strong when it comes to flowering.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.  She is my favorite David Austin Rose.

Carolyne Roehm has a Peony party all centered around her blooms in May.  How devine!

Oh my dear Wisteria, how grand you are. 

More Clematis!
Now below are some photos of my Hydrangeas.  I have never seen them like this ever.  Practically each branch has a flower growing.  Unbelievable.  I took inventory of them, I have 34 Hydrangea bushes around my home.  They grow enormously well and I have blooms way until November for my vases.  Ahhh  my love for Hydrangeas.

More Peonies

This is on the other side of my porch opposite Constance Spry, by my porch swing.  They surprised me this morning.  I say hello to all my flowers every day,  Litterally I say "Hello pretty girls"  Can you say coo coo!

Alas!  My front porch, maybe not on a Nicholas Sparks novel, but it certainly is my peaceful gettaway.

This is just one bush of Hydrangeas, click so you can see how many blooms I'm gonna get.  God willing!  I can't wait.  I am humbled by my garden and it's presence and the gift it is to me from God.  I never cease to thank him for all living things that I have been blessed to have.

Scene from my deck.  I love how the white just glows like a ghost against the green backdrop of nature.


Suzanne said...

So pretty, Lee. Enjoy every minute. (I have porch and garden envy.) ;-)

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