My Kitchen

(Carolyne Roehm's Kitchen)
I was inspired by Susan Taylor's blog about a kitchen she just glammed up.  I adore my kitchen too and thought hey, why not blog about it.  I've often blogged about my number one decorating & gardening mentor and idol Carolyne Roehm. I wanted to post this photo of her kitchen because this was my total inspiration when I renovated our kitchen years back.  Our kitchen was dark, dated and small.  I hated it but loved the house.  So we decided that we could design our own kitchen with the help of an excellent architect and a wonderful kitchen designer.  I knew two things,  I wanted a kitchen that reminded me of one of my fav movies "The Big Chill"  The kitchen in that movie was beautiful, inviting and open.  I wanted the look not to look dated, more modern with a touch of country.  On one of the visits to Carolyne Roehm's home I fell in love with her kitchen (posted above) and thought "Aha!"  So I got photos of her kitchen and photos of The Big Chill kitchen and put them together.
Here was our result.
  View from the sunroom. I replaced the wreath with a clock above.

Our kitchen has seen so many parties and get togethers.  It is truly the heart of our home.


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