To Facebook or Not to Facebook? That is the Question!

For the past year I have heard only the following words by everyone I pretty much know.  "Are you on facebook?"  "Why aren't you on facebook?"  Aye!  If I heard that one more time I was going to scream.
It became a matter of principal.  "No I will not get on facebook!  I was fighting against the machine!  Sticking it to the man!  Waving my fist at the computer fanatics and standing my ground.
Okay so it didn't last long.  I'm on facebook.  I honestly don't really know what the heck it all means.  All I know is I went on facebook about 9:15 in the evening and by 10:30 the next morning I had 25 requests to be my friend.  Most of my "friends"  people that "friend-me"  are my students that I taught so many years ago.  Now they are all in there late 20's and early thirties.  Crazy huh.
Well there was one friend I have been looking for, for a very long time.  His name was Joe and he was a dear friend.  My husband and I met working with him at a Camp in the Bronx called Camp Fordham.
Years and years have gone by, I have been married, have had two sons, and always wondered about his whereabouts.  I had called friends at my old church and mutual acquaintances but no one could help me.
Until this "facebook" portal allowed me to enter and search.  And lo and behold I found my friend.
We finally spoke today for an entire hour.  I was thrilled to hear his voice and hear about his family.

This was us, camp counselors in the late 80's.  I'm the one with the dark glasses and the princess Leyah braids.  From Left to right, Joe, me, a co-counselor named Rene, Frank on the top, my future husband Rob in the yellow polo, Haydee (another co-counselor he was dating)forget her name and my other best male friend Jose who I'm still best friends with and whom I have the honor of being his son's godmother.
Oh to be young again.  I look at my face and how I'm laughing and I wish I could jump into that picture and be her again.  Not that I don't love my life, but I long for simpler days when I was carefree, young and felt pretty.  When my biggest worry was "what should I do Saturday night?" or "Should I go out with him?"  I guess something good came out of joining this facebook and that's finding my friend again.
He is married and has a son and we are going to see them next month.  I'm very happy and pray that our friendship can pick up where we left off and continue a lifelong journey of friendship.
So here is a toast to my friend, Joe, and to Camp Fordham, to old friends, and care free time and to days of old when we were young.


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