Alas! We have begun.

They finally began demolition, construction this weekend.  We started the process for permitting the Study in November and we are in September now, and we just broke ground.   I thought this day would never come.
Our home has gone through of lot of changes.  From the addition of the front porch, to creating a screening room (home theater) in our garage, adding a carport, expanding and remodeling the kitchen, adding a sun room, creating a back deck and patio and our latest addition was adding a barn.
I always felt that our home lacked symmetry.  We needed another room on the right side to balance it out. Thus began our plans for the study.  
That was always on our wish list, but finally, after breaking an important pipe today leading to the septic (yikes) we are on our way.  
I have had my furniture waiting in our screening room for two months.  I ordered it in January thanks to Ethan Allen's New Year's sale and my friend KC.
Any time I change a room or create a room I always keep a folder of swatches, photos, paint swatches, torn pages of the EA catalog as my design notebook.  Here are two things I had in it.
For all my Kansas friends, this is a couch from Nell Hill's store.  (Mary Carol Garrity)
I had this picture solely for the fabric.  I wanted Rob's study to have that Plaid, Ralph Lauren feel.  But in my mind I wanted a green couch like Charlotte Moss's green couch on the cover of Winter House book.
I have memorized this book in my head.  I loved that couch ever since I saw it.  The look, the exact hue, the texture, velvet of course and I thought "Perfect".  Although I wanted a tufted velvet version of it.  Found it after it was too late and I had bought my couch.  But I'm fine without the tufting.  My couch is gorgeous and velvet and exactly that color.  Love it.
Anywho, back to the plaid.  So I had my window treatments created in that plaid look (pretty close) from Calico Corners.  They are elegant and masculine.  That's what I wanted.  
The kind of room the men would retreat to, to share conversation along with a glass of cognac and cigars.  (Truly though, I hope no one smokes cigars in there!  Hee Hee)

The other photo I had was a photo of a Ralph Lauren Study that I loved.
Now I know this is pretty full and mine won't be like that.  But just look at it for a moment.  The touches of plaid with the rich leather.  The roaring fire in the fireplace.  The accents of dogs and animals in the room.  A few touches of orange against the cinnamon of the leather.  Wow!  I would look at this photo for hours.  Together with my pieces of furniture, accents I have picked up at Nell Hill's store and Black Eyed Susan's and Ethan Allen, the Holy Trinity of design, I believe I shall achieve a similar feel and look.  
We are having built ins like the ones in the photo.  I ordered a lovely warm honey colored area rug to go over the refurbished wide planked wooden floors that we are having put in.
I purchased a warm orangey, honey velvet tufted chair that I can just see myself sitting at with a warm throw reading one of my favorite books by my Black Eyed Susan lamp on my Nell Hill table.  
I can't wait until I can post actual photos of the room.  All I have today is a deep hole outside.  The room is going to be sunken in from the Formal Livingroom, so you will have to step down in order to achieve that high ceiling look.  The rooms will be separated by a single french door.
We are having a stone fireplace built that will glow and crackle in the evening light.  I have taken so much time in decided what was going into this room.  Every piece, lamp, accent, table.  I'm so thankful that my husband is one of those easy guys that just nods and says "whatever you think honey."
"If you like it, that's fine."
Remember he's the one who flew with me all the way to Atchison Kansas to meet Mary Carol Garrity, my mentor and most favorite designer.
I also want to find something like this to hand on one of the built ins.  
I am also interested in doing something like this on my bookcases.

I love that painting.  I do have a painting already here just waiting to be placed on top of the fireplace.  

So I promise to post new photos once we progress.   I can't wait!


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