Another Look!

Here are the lanterns I bought and brought back form Mary Carol.  I should have bought the candles there.  I just couldn't carry all the stuff on the plane.  Now I have to find the candles to fit.  But I love these.  They are flat on the back.  So they fit nicely anywhere.  
Here is a better shot (from her website) of the dinning room.  Lovely.  Too bad you can't see the navy color called TWILIGHT on the walls.  OMG is that not perfect for my house or what.  TWILIGHT get it?  So I have this same color almost but it's a Benjamin Moore color in my formal living room.  You can see it on the side of my blog.  We have to repaint because the new addition will be cutting through the living room and my painter said I needed a matte finish and not the gloss I have now.  So I'm just going to order the Twilight since it's almost the same color.  
My Favorite shot of her Amazing Foyer.  I so wish I had this much room in mine and stairs like this.  AHHHHH!  I would be hanging garland every week.  Love it!!!!!!!!!!!
So in her family room or study she has these curtains.  I love it because they are almost the same as mine for my study.  Fletcher Tartan from Ralph Lauren.  Felt a kin to her!!!!!!!!  Again, great minds . . . Hee Hee. Don't get tired of seeing her photos.  Please if you haven't gotten her books, get them all.   All of them.  Now, get up and go.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the foyer, I'm sure you saw in Mary Carol's wedding book, that her beautiful daughter was married in that foyer. Can you imagine walking down those stairs in your wedding dress as your sweetie waited for you?! How beautiful!

Love your stories

Anonymous said...

I live in Ks...about 3 hours from Nell Hills.. I am smiling from ear to ear...I can feel your excitement!! I have been to her stores a few time and I still feel like I won the lottery everytime I go to visit Nell Hills. She has a tent sale in the KC store in the spring...talk about a fun time!!!Nell Hills is my "happy place".Just found your blog...enjoy it very much!!

Lynn said...

Hi Lee, I discovered your blog through Mary Carol's website today. Thanks so much for sharing your Open House pictures and story! I live in California and have flown out for two of MC's Open Houses....one was fall and the other was her holiday tour, which I understand she isn't doing this year. Isn't her home fabulous???!!! And yes, she is so charming! I have stacks of photos of the very same rooms that you took pictures of, including the little downstairs powder room. I haven't been to her home and shops for a couple of years now so I think it's time to go back again next fall. Thanks again for sharing your enthusiasm and photos. It was a delight to revisit MC's home! Lynn

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Lee, I cannot believe you were too.. gosh I wish I had known we could have met and enjoyed the same fun! Wasn't it fantastic? This is my second trip to her home, only 64 miles from Atchison and less than 50 from Briarcliff, girl I love her things. I carry those candles in my shop, they are fantastic tools to work in everywhere. I'm going to look over more of your beautiful blog... thank you for swinging in, loved having you. hugs ~lynne~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi sweetie, I'm now following you too, isn't blogland "great" to meet new people? I love your photos, I find it a bit funny even her photographer got some of the same shots we did. lol... I'm hoping to get up to Briarcliff soon, depends on Mr. P and how he's doing.. I'm trying to go back and look at the pictures on your sidebar of your home, they won't let me get there, will go a different route.. hope you're having a super w/k.. hugs ~lynne~

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hello Lee
I follwed you from Lynne's. I am a Missouri girl, near St Louis. I've made the trip to Atchison several times for the seasonal open house and I was at the grand opening of Briarcliff. I "need" to make another trip, soon!

You've captured Mary Carol's home so beautifully. I truly enjoyed seeing the tour through your eyes. What a treat for me!

Lynne (Lynne's Gifts from the Heart) and I met last year, at her shop. We've read each others blogs for awhile, but last November was our first time meeting in person.

I am clicking to Follow Lee's Hideaway.

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