Happy Birthday My Bestest Friend, Rudy

Today I took my precious boy to the vet because he has really bad ear infections.  Today is His Birthday!  He is 5  that's = 35 in dog years/people years.
He's been there for me through my dad's stroke and passing and our other dog's passing.  He feels my pain and is always there to remind me that I am truly loved.  He is an angel of God.  Happy Birthday my boy.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Lee, poor little thing, I hope they gave him something to ease his ear infection.. Happy Birthday Rudy!!
I know how important our animals are, with all of Mr. P's illnesses our cocker spaniel Miss Scooter is his faithful companion... hope things are well your way.
hugs ~lynne~

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