It Feels Like Autumn on Sept 17

I woke up today to a chill in the air.  We had turned off our air conditioning and pulled out a couple of thin long sleeve sweaters.  I pulled out my shawls and pashminas and throws which I adore and embraced the change in the air.
I love making fires.  Love the smell the crackle the way my house smells when the fire is roaring.  Love to see the flames dance in my dogs eyes as they stand at attention, mesmerized and humbled by the fire's power.
I love baking.  I bake constantly in the Fall.  From cookies, to pumpkin desserts and pumpkin breads, pies galore. 
It's a time to nestle.  Nestle with a book, a movie or play a board game.  We are big on board games.  
We are more indoors so we find time to talk more and do more things together which I love.  
I love the colors that Autumn brings and the blanket of leaves that covers our land.  It's beautiful.  I do hate to say goodbye to my garden but I know it's there time to seek a sweet slumber and regenerate and prepare for another spring.  I don't like the dark, hate that the light goes so early.  I miss that I can't sit on my porch for long periods of time.  But I do enjoy using our fireplace outdoors and we toast marshmallows and make smores.  
Every season has it's beauty and every season brings a healing within it's change.


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