Labor Day Weekend 2011

the Fall is lurking, it's creeping in
i can feel it in the wind change
i can smell it in the ocean air
summer is waving it's hand
i watch it and wave back with hesitation
i beg for it to wait
wait for me
to spend a few more days
basking in the warmth of it's sun
but she is ready 
she is leaving me
fall is nearby 
she lets me know with a chill
that she is close
I am at our home on the beach.   And I lowered my sleeves today as I walked outside from dinner.  I can smell the air changing.  Even the light is changing.
After Irene last week our beach has receded and a few dunes are gone.  Thankfully no damage to our home.  

I can't explain it, my adoration of summer.  I always feel melancholy around this time.  The strange thing is I love the Fall.  But I still feel a great sense of loss when Summer comes to an end.
Look at this spectacular light.  You can't say it isn't mesmerizing.  I am at peace here.  This weekend I will walk along the shore and have my time alone with her majesty.  Although we continue to come weekends and days here and there throughout the year, it's never the same after labor day.  I tend to personify the beach, the ocean, the sea.  I believe it feels a loss as well to know that I will be far from her side.  So I walk and talk in my mind, telling her how much she means to me.  I let my feet feel it's sand and I breathe deeply it's air knowing that it will be a very long time until I feel all of it again with the same intensity and strength, the same warmth and the same power as in the summer.
She knows my secrets and my innermost thoughts and wishes.  I respect her and fear her yet am invigorated and empowered by her greatness.  I am humbled before her and drawn to her mystery.
Thank you for another Summer, another season, and another time to re-energize.  I stand in utter amazement and total awe and am blessed to have such a privilege to be here with you.


Susan@besusan.com said...

Beautiful photos.

Beautiful thoughts.

Beautiful friend.

Good thing Christmas is just around the corner!

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