The Things I Put Myself Through. . .

So it is the afternoon before I am leaving to Kansas City.  These are the things I'm thinking of:
- The weight of the plane
- What the F keeps it in the air?
- Tap it twice when you get in (I always do that)
-What if it gets hit by lighting?
- Will I be flying in a storm?
- Can't we drive?  18 hours.  I love being in cars.  I can do that.  Why won't my husband do that?
- 40 minutes subtracted from 2hrs and 50 min is. . . (All flights, I subtract 40, 20 to go up and 20 to go down.  Don't ask, it brings me comfort and peace of mind)
- God please no turbulence please no turbulence.
See to someone who doesn't have this phobia, I might sound silly and petty and you might even think this is funny.  For me my chest gets really tight, my shoulders and neck are stiff, my hands hurt from gripping the seat.  I won't go to the bathroom, I have palpitations and get a terrible stomach ache.
Now you might be saying "So why the heck are you going?"
But it's Mary Carol Garrity's once a year open house and this is her 30th anniversary.


Beeutiful by Design said...

You must post how it is and take tons of pics! I was going to go two years ago and got sick right before the trip - but it's a bucket list trip for me (only 10 hours by car).

Windlost said...

Oh, I hate flying so I totally feel your pain. I even experienced an emergency landing once. Definitely scary but for some reason it also made me realize that I could be calm in a scary situation and that has relaxed me since. I just knew we would be okay.

Have fun! Terri xo

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