Adding A Few Touches Here And There. . .

So I went to Black Eyed Susan's this week.  OMG!  Susan has already cleared out a huge section for her Christmas set up.  I can't wait!  She also posted her Fall Classes.  I am so excited.  My friend Michelle will be joining me since my dear friend KC is busy with her new position at work.  So The first class is on October 27.  All you ladies who are my BES friends, make your reservations now.  WhoooHooo!
So while I was at the store I bought this sweet round mirror.  I thought it was what my table needed.
See for yourself.
So here is the my table again that I switched from my living room to my tiny foyer.  So for my friends in Kansas who were asking (I love saying that, I love having friends in Kansas now, the lovely ladies I met through Nell Hills and Mary Carol Garrity) I called about the table, they called me back, a woman named Vicky who was lovely and helpful and worked in the Garrity Encore store.  She gave me the dimensions and unfortunately, although it would have been skinnier it was really really long, 65 inches to be exact.  Too long!  It went towards my stairs.  I was so sad.  She even said they could order me another one even though that one was sold and they would still honor the sales price.  
Love it!  Oh Well.  This will work.  Let me know what you think?


Heather said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. I went to Mary Carol Garrity's open house a few weeks ago too (fortunately I live only 50 minutes away from Atchison). I've seen MC on several occasions at her store in North KC, and she's always so gracious. I told my husband how warmly she greeted everyone at her open house and he laughed, "Of course she was happy to see everyone...she's thinking 'Thank you for making me rich!'" I posted some pictures from the open house on my blog too, so you might enjoy them! http://tallgrassdesign.blogspot.com/2011/09/mary-carol-garrity-house-tour.html

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