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So I had posted about my Beef Bourguignon, the one I made after I got this book that I loved so much.
Well I had been yearning to have some again.  I bought all the ingredients this morning and decided today would be the perfect day.  After a few frigid nights I thought, nothing better than some comfort food.
It was again, out of this world.  I believe it is my favorite comfort food of all time.  
I made my home made mashed potatoes and served the Bourguignon on top of it.  Here it is in the oven.  
My entire home smells like it.  You lick your fingers after every bite.  Julia knew what she was doing!

Now I am a cook and a baker.  I have no problem saying that.  I'm not boasting, I'm being honest.  I cook everyday of the week, not weekends and I make something different every day, unless I make Lasagna and then that's good for two days.  But I'm not stressed or intimidated by a recipe that is labeled DIFFICULT  and that is what this one is labeled as.  It is!  I"m not going to lie to you.  Not that it is difficult to attempt, if you follow the instructions step by step, using the exact ingredient she tells you to then you will end up with a perfect meal just like hers.  The thing is, and I know alot of people who would just laugh at me and say "yeah right, I'm not gonna do that" is that there are alot of steps.  But unless you can't read, or just refuse to follow directions there is no reason why you couldn't do this.  
I guess the French's main focus is cuisine because there dishes and sauces take hours.  I would say my prep time was 20 to 30 min.  My over the stove time was about an hour and then in the oven, this had to sit in it for 3 entire hours.  Please use a a pot like the one I used for best results.
Then while it's in the oven you have another 40 minutes of sauteing and cooking the pearl onions and mushrooms and letting them simmer in beef broth with a herb bouquet (you know cheesecloth wrapping of herbs) for 40 minutes.  
So this is not a dish that you can start at 2 in the afternoon, nor is it a dish you can begin and then run to Homegoods or talk on the phone to your girlfriend for an hour.  
My friend Dawn called me and I actually had to let it go to voicemail because I didn't want anything to go wrong.
Well the final results were perfection!
I truly believe that although this dish is not something I can do every day, because of time, it is a luxury that one can indeed make for their family on a brisk fall day like today.  To me I feel rewarded when my son says "OMG" as he's dipping his fork in his mouth.  
I actually did go food shopping this morning, (early, 8:30am) did a load of laundry, worked with my editor, made beef bourguignon, helped my mom change her curtains, and blogged.  My days are full and I am tired and looking forward to sitting and relaxing, but I feel content to know that I made something special today.  You should try it and then let me know.  


Julie said...

Lee, I started reading your blog after seeing your site listed in one of your comments on Mary Carol's page. You wouldn't believe how much we are alike. I ABSOLUTELY adore MC and have been following her for about 10 years now. I discovered her when I checked out one of her books from our library. My husband, like yours, has gone with me several times to KS just so I could meet MC and visit Nell Hill's. I love changing venues around in my home, gardening, and cooking. Loved your blog today on beef bourginon (spelling?). I, too, love to make it when the temps begin to fall. Am enjoying watching the progress on your new study.

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