The Evolution of Taste. . . and the S word.

I always considered myself someone who had good taste and new enough to create beautiful spaces.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I believed that.  Stressing past tense.  I should say I THOUGHT I did.
You know that saying "If I knew then what I know now. . . "
Well I'll show you what I'm referring too.  WARNING the following documentation might not be suitable for anyone with a design degree.  VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Let's start with my family room.  (My older son who is now 21 will kill me if he knew I posted this photo)
Focus on the walls and the . . . uhum. . stenciling.   (I always find it hard to say that word.  I try not to anymore but apparently I was a big fan of the S word)  Take A Look!
Focus on the disturbing green colored walls and the . . . uhum. . . well you know, the S word.  
Look at my fireplace, the contrast.  It almost looks like a place where vampires would lay to rest avoiding any forms of light.  I think Tim's face explains it all.
When I first told my husband I wanted to paint the fireplace white he looked at me like I was insane.  I did it by myself one day while he was at work.  I asked what to use at Home Depot.  They were very helpful.  I copied off of Susan's store at the time, her choice of color was a dark grey at the time.  I haven't regretted it since.  Love it!  It's warm and cozy and where you want to lay down with a throw and rest after a long and stressful day.  
Okay, are you ready for the next few sets of transformation?
I made this one big so that you can really see the . . . uhum. . . you know.  My gosh!  What was I thinking?
This is my dinning room now.  I picked a Ralph Lauren paisley wall covering and with the help of the light from a Black Eyed Susan's chandelier, and vintage velvet tufted armchairs I bought at an estate sale, the room is just magical at Christmas.
Be still my heart!  I did the S word going up the stairs.  My walls were a butter but they turned out yellow.  I hated it.  I detest the color yellow and the entire yellow family.  
This was my formal livingroom.  (The boxes back there were Christmas Decor.  I guess I was getting ready to decorate.  AYE  this literally gives me pain.
This is the room now.  Light fixture again Black Eyed Susan.  I actually just changed the lay of out the room last week because where the painting is on that long wall, that's where a french door will be next week to enter into our new study. I wanted to clear a path to walk straight into the Study.  (You can see the other lay out on the side bar on the front of the blog.)
I have found that over the years, what makes your home different and unique to you are the small touches you spend time on to differentiate it from other homes.  It's basically your favorite things.
Here are some of mine.  
This marble table greets my guests when they arrive.  I adore it's placement, the candelabra (Nell Hill) my blue and white pieces.  I love changing it up too.

I posted about my art finds before.  A mother and daughter.  The detail and colors in this painting are so warm and rich.  I just love looking at this every evening.

This lovely lady I found in Cape May in a beautiful antique shop.  She is stunning and elegant.  I love her expression.  I also love that she has dark brown hair and eyes.  (Like me!)

A tiny look into the master bath.  Our claw foot tub from 1912.  Touches of Lavender.  

I love her and where I placed her, inside the small arched nook in my bathroom where I put my towels and bath creams.  I found her in a book.  I loved how she looked at herself in the mirror.  I bought the frame and there you have it!  A Masterpiece.  (I'm notorious for doing that, printing prints, photos, clipping books and then framing art.  I am addicted to it.)

I love glass jars, and colored glass.  Reminds me of my Grandmother.

This is my mom's room.  I bought the plates and prints from Black Eyed Susan.  It gives the room a simple elegance.  

This is my favorite Lamp in my home.  From BES!  It is elegant, unique, and warm.  It is more for ambiance than actual lighting but I don't care.  My FAV!
In the end what counts is what you think of it.  Does it make you happy?  Is it comforting?  Designer Billy Baldwin said (don't remember it verbatim) In the end taste is about what you like and that something that you truly love will never really go out of style.  


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