Friend with Style, Susan Style.

So I know I have been posting alot about Mary Carol Garrity but in all fairness, before I even knew who she was I was stalking this woman here.  Bucks County's own Susan Taylor from Black Eyed Susan's. (Photo courtesy of Shannon's blog - Ducks in a row, who by the way is MIA in the Blog world)
Okay so I'm not in Kansas anymore, but I'm home and I have a great friend who is talented and incredible as well.  Through her classes and insight, fabulous sense of style and creativity, she has taught me so much about design and re-invention of a space.
I have secretly (not a secret anymore) copied almost everything from her before I ever picked up a book form Nell Hills store.
Susan had a lovely, charming little store in Yardley and I literally visited once and sometimes twice a week.  Susan began to conduct free classes at her store on Thursday evenings for anyone who wanted to come from about 6:30 to 8pm.
Every Fall (and now pretty much all year round) Susan created these intimate classes where she shared design tips, new arrivals in decor, fresh make over ideas for a tired space and much much more.
Her staff always attentive and helpful.  We ladies met at the store with enthusiasm and much anticipation and excitement to learn something knew for the different seasons and holidays.
Honestly it became my most favorite thing to do.
Susan moved her store into Buckingham, which is farther away from me but continues to create incredible classes that are informative, fun and enlightening.
Her schedule was just posted on her website and her first class on October 27 is her Christmas unveiling.  I tell you I can't sleep thinking about it.
Here are just a few old photos of some of her spectacular events.  Can you take it?

(Love this look Susan, Your hair looks FAB.)

So Finally if you haven't experienced BES at it's best, and you live in the area, click on to Black Eyed Susan's blog (in my blog roll) and go to her website and download the class list. (www.besusan.com)  I promise you won't regret it or forget it.  I'm taking a new friend along this year, Michelle, hope your ready.  I can't wait.  
Hope my friends Lisa and KC can make a few of them.  It won't be the same without you gals.  
And to Susan, thanks for being an inspiration and a friend.  


Susan@besusan.com said...

You're such a darling! And how those photos of my Yardley boutique made me homesick for "the days"!

It was super fun looking back, and I'll have to put my ego in check after such accolades. Thank you.

I, too, am looking forward to this year's events. The magic actually starts Wednesday when we put up the trees, trim the mantles and get out this year's stash! I can't wait. I have some absolutely beautiful things that we have been amassing for the past few months!

And, I have a little something special for you that I have been waiting to give you since the last cash and carry jewelry buying binge! I think you'll be surprised.

Come see me whenever. Thanks so much for the kind words and I for one, am thrilled to have you for a friend and a fan.

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