I need a Butlers Table!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I crazy, schizophrenic or have two personalities?  Just a few days ago I blogged about not needing anything and going to live with the Amish.  And now my latest "thing" that I'm wanting is a Butlers Table.
If you don't know what that is i'll show you.
Okay let me explain.  In my defense I should plead insanity.  Insane thanks to my little trip to Atchison Kansas.  
So when I went to Mary Carol's home she had this in her foyer.  This lovely Butlers Table with an amazing spread.  In her books she talks about entertaining and when she does she enjoys greeting her guests at the door with champagne as an elegant surprise.
Our Ethan Allen is closing, unfortunately.  ( I know I can't get over it!)  Anyway, I have been going a few times a week as my friend KC and the other designers have been clearing items to empty the store.  I bought quite a few things fifty percent off.  AND then I saw this.  (above)  This lovely brass Butlers table and immediately I thought of Mary's table below.  I'm hoping the table will go down under 150 and I will run across the cornfield, roads and highway to go get it.  But right now it's too crazy the amount they want for it.  ( I can never hide such a long receipt from my husband)
Photo courtesy of stealing it from Lynne's blog.  Thanks Lynne. (Hee Hee)

So you see my dilemma.  Here I was confessing my sins to all of you (2 people who read my blog)
about my materialistic need to furnish my home and re-arrange furniture and place various objects in a tiny space to create a "table scape".  Hey you never know when a professional photographer might decide to walk in to your home and take random photos for a decor book!  It could happen!
To quote my sons "Why you need all this stuff?  You're filling the house up ma!

Anyway, I apologize to any Amish friend who might be reading this.  (They have access to internet and know my blog)  My intentions are still true and my admiration and love for them remain the same.  
Anyone from Kansas know if there is a Nell Hill's Hotline where there are therapists on hand to help you  with addiction problems.  Like desperately wanting to copy everything from the store, blog, her home, etc?  If so can I have the number.


Susan@besusan.com said...


I have a table very similar to the mahogany one (two tiered) that is to die for! I used it in my little Yardley apartment for my coffee table and have never been able to give it up, yet I have not used it for years. It is oval and has fabulous castors. I would most likely have to have it appraised to know what to charge for it, but I'll bet you would love it! It is in need of some gentle repair, but I could get my son to repair it. I think years ago, he leaned on it for support getting up and broke one of the legs. I really think you need to see it! As soon as I get home from this blasted hospital, I'll get it down and give you a look. Oh, my. I think it might just be for you. You might just love it as much as I have all these years...

Susan@besusan.com said...

The brass one looks too small to be of much use! Mine looks to be almost the same scale as Mary Carol's and almost exactly like it...maybe even cuter!

Just say'in...

nancy@noplacelikehome said...

Lee, You are not the only one in need of therapy! I have been a die hard Nell HILL'S fan for years. Just recently found your blog through hers and think we are amazingly alike. I now live in Arkansas in a 1894 Queen Anne revival. Drove all the way to KC yesterday and back to attend the Holiday Mart couldn't miss it. Bought yet another lantern. This makes 6 now, I keep justifying them with excuses like I'll decorate them instead of a tree this year, but then my husband wants to know about those six boxes of ornaments I just bought hummm.... Anyway you can add me to your list of fans. I also like to decorate, raised 4 boys, have a fasination with old houses. Keep up the good work. If you get the phone number to the hot line let me know:)

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