Just A Touch Of Stone

Our home sits on 4 acres, part of a historic district.  The 4 acres were actually part of 100 acres belonging to an old school house that still stands.  We are also in the Washington Crossing area.   There is so much history around us and most of the older historic homes are made of stone.  I have always admired them and loved the stone work.  That's why when we had the barn built we opted for a stone base.
We had our small perimeter garden edged in stone.
And we also had our patio made with flagstone, and cement pavers that looked like stone.
Our fire place was made with real stone too.  Are you getting the stone theme yet?
So when we had the plans for the addition my husband and I decided it should be in stone, real stone, to fit the area and give our house a feel like that of the older homes in the area.  Although our home was built in the late fifties, there are homes that are more than a few hundreds of years old still standing with it's original stone work.
Can't wait when I can post the finished product.


Nicky said...

Beautiful pictures!! :) XO

Julie said...

Loved the stone foundation on the barn! I love stone, too, and took a dry-stone wall building class in KY. This summer I built 2 small walls in my garden. I love how they turned out and the natural look they give to my yard.

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