Ode to Joy . . . And To Mary Carol.

It doesn’t take much to create a sharp outdoor fall display, but when your neighbors remark about how great your home looks, you’ll be glad you invested the 10 minutes (tops!) it took. I keep a trio of iron pillars in my garden year round for this very purpose. In fall, I simply top them with pumpkins. If I’m feeling extra creative, I may place a small fall wreath on top of the pillar, then rest a pumpkin into the nest of the wreath.  This display is shockingly simple to create, yet looks sensational. Every time I look out my window it greets me like a wave.

So I had posted this photo a few days ago from Mary Carol's blog.   Those are her words beneath the photo.  
So here are my inspired Urns.  I love them.  

I love the fact that I got 4 different kinds of pumpkins.  I got two white ones that I absolutely love, a pale blue one that I think is my favorite and a traditional orange one.  I boughts some leaves and look how lovely they look.  Thank you once again Mary Carol.    Love it!
PS. Can you believe all the leaves, they are everywhere and it's only Oct 1.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Stunning! Now my house is going to look even worse to me. Such class...which something I cannot seem to accomplish. Perhaps it is just not my style..or..I am in a huge, huge rut! lol Probably both!

The Urn's wit the different colored pumpkins is wonderful! Something I would never have thought of! I love it!!
You have wonderful taste!

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