Our Study, Needs & Wants (Set 2 of photos)

So today my Amish friends put in our windows and finished the roof.  It is such an exciting process to watch.  I told Amos, one of the guys, that I feel blessed having them work on our land.  I honestly can't help but feel embarrassed when I'm around them.  I think to myself "they must think of me as a materialistic person."  I know that the things that I love, are just things.  THINGS.  And they live simply depending on only what God provides them with and what they need.  I have a strong faith in God and a love and reverence for him but I will admit that I love making my house pretty.  I love decorating and creating beauty in my home.  I know that in God's eyes that is not important.  I truly know that.  I also know that if I had to I could live with out it all.  Honestly.  That family and friends and dwelling in a circle of  love and faith are truly what keeps us grounded and fills us with real joy.
But I can't help to feel like I am spoiled and materialistic to them.  Life is daunting at times.  I want to please God and be a good example to my sons and family and to all I meet.  I pray they see that in me.  That I am kind, and faithful and caring.
I find that I am fascinated with them and the simplicity in there nature and the strong work ethic they show in everything they do.  I would love to experience there life for a time, to leave everything behind and get to know that world that is so close to me but yet so far to my knowledge. (Although truth be told, I hate not wearing makeup, but if I had to I guess I would)
I pray my sons become strong faithful and hardworking men like these young men are, from what I see.
Today Amos asked me what the room was going to be.  Was it a bedroom?  He asked.  I told him after a brief pause, that it was going to be a study for my husband.  As I said it I felt shame, I mean in all reality it was not something we needed but wanted.  I was quiet after that and almost wanted to apologize for telling him what it was.  I know your probably thinking, "She's crazy." But that is who I am.  Things like that keep me up at night.  I am humbled by their spirit and pray I can be more like them.
These men are humble and kind souls who are perfectionists with there craft.  I am so blessed to have had this opportunity.
Here are today's photos.  ( I know, your like be quiet already and show us the photos)
 This large front opening will be the fireplace.  Tomorrow the stone mason comes.  Every where around the windows and on the black and below will be grey stones.  I wanted it to look period correct.  We live in Washington Crossings territory and most of the older homes have parts if not all stone exteriors.  I wanted an addition with stone.  I can't wait until tomorrow to post more photos.

 Don't say it.  I know.  Power Washing!!!!!!!!!!  The problem is we have to find a company that will bring there own water since we loose our water so quickly.  (we have our own well)

 Everything is really muddy and dirty outside thanks to Irene and due to the construction.  But somethings gotta give right.  Now this tree (weeping cherry) has lovely pink flowers in the spring.  But we are definitely going to trim back some of the branches.
Until tomorrow.


Susan@besusan.com said...

I love your thoughts. I know that the Lord doesn't want us to love our "things" more than Him or our family, and I also know that He expects us to be willing to share all that we have, our time, our talents and even our possessions if need be. This life requires sacrifice. Sometimes, it's hard to put a humble lifestyle in line with a prosperous one! But it can be done. Shannon and I are always talking and worrying about loving our "things" too much! We both have numerous collections that we treasure. In the early days of our Church, the members were all required to sacrifice so much! They gave almost all that they had to the building of the Salt Lake Temple (where Fred and I were married!) They gave them time, energy, money...they even ground up their fine china to put into the stone to make it beautiful. I often reflect on how thankful I am that I was not required to sacrifice that much, and wonder if I could have! But, as we make our own homes that are places where God would be welcome and would want to dwell, we promise to sacrifice and serve others. We give of our time and talents to others. He wants us to be prosperous and happy, and He is pleased with our successes. I find comfort in that. the Omish men are men of God, indeed. Your honor of them is touching, and you feel their goodness and righteous intentions. They cannot hide that!

I know that we can be God-like on this earth, be successful and prosperous, and be willing to share and give to others all at the same time. We can be virtuous and righteous and humble and have beautiful homes! I believe that the Lord considers our homes Temples. He wants them to be as beautiful as we do! I know you and your darling husband are amoung the faithful and followers of The Savior, and for that we share a special kinship.

Sorry, if this was too personal. My email is not working, which is about to make me a crazy lady! I think your blog is personal, anyway.

Love you.

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