All Things That Glitter, Lisa's Tip

So I have a favorite decorating tip that I do every Christmas that is a sure fire, knock em dead, OMG! way to wow your company and family when decorating for Christmas.
I started doing it about four or five years ago (maybe longer, not sure)  I purchase these glass, and plastic little drops or balls, whichever way they come, and we (my mom and I) hang them on some green or white thread.  Depending on what color tree you have.  I have three trees, one white, one green, both artificial and then Our official Christmas tree, from the tree farm, that one is real.  I use this trick on all of them.
When I go to AC Moore, Michaels or Joannes, they have the plastic ones in boxes, maybe about 50 or 60 for under 5 dollars.  The dollar store has the glass ones, which are my favorite and those are for a dollar and change each.  Look at the results.

This is my dinning room tree.  All this tree has is lights and hanging mixture of the glass and plastic drops.  It honestly doesn't need anything else.
You can see it in the back corner of my dinning room.  This was taken last year.  I didn't take a photo tonight cause my dinning room has tons of ribbon and things I was working with.  I don't have the other tree in the sun room this year.  I decided to downsize and go with the "less is more approach."
 If you look closely you can see the crystals on the white tree as well.
 I found this amazing silver sparkly ribbon and decided to add it to my Mary Carol idea on the stairs and to my lantern on the door.  It really made it pop!
Now I'm having problems with my camera tonight.  UUUGH!  I hate trying to figure out cameras.  I want someone to read the book and then say "here press this and your good."  Anyway, this is my mantle, I decided not to put up the matching wreath that has lights and balls on it and go for a simpler look.  I like it!  It's not the same as last years.  But I think last years felt too much.  But this photo is so dark that you really can't see how pretty the wreath is.  Sorry.  Will try to re- shoot when my real tree is up this weekend.  Happy Decorating!


Windlost said...

Your house looks stunning - classy and elegant. You do Christmas so beautifully. I LOVE the glass drops -they are sooo pretty. I will look for them!

xo Terri

White Whimsy said...

Love your Christmas decor, it is absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad a found your blog. I am sure I will back to visit often.

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