Almost Done!

Okay so today was a very busy and exhausting day.  Even my camera said "Battery exhausted"  Hee Hee.  I will give you the skinny in a long run on sentence.
Rob got home from chicago today to come home and help me bring the rest of the furniture in the room while we realized that we had to remove all the doors from the hinges because my sweet green couch could not fit through any doors while I helped my husband with my younger son because my older one was at work in nyc trying desperately to fit without being able to remove the couch legs because no one told us they could not be removed and I ran to check one of the doors that was taken off the hinge as I watched it fall through the opening unto the carport and smash into my car while Rob was calling me to carry the couch all the way outside and around to the front of the house while we hoped that it would finally fit through the front door.  Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  Whew!
Got that.  
 So remember, there are no moldings yet, can you see where the paint ends?  No bookshelves yet, they are being made.  There will be wall sized bookshelves covering both openings on either side of the fireplace, in corners and on the other large wall.
 View from Rob's desk.  Now the curtains are only up for the photo because we don't have the proper rods attached yet because there is no trim on the windows.  So we have to wait.
Sweet globe from Nell Hill.  Lantens on the fireplace from Feeneys.
 I think this will be my favorite place to lay down in front of the fireplace.  I love that color green.  It is so soothing and reminds me so much of Charlotte Moss's Winter House cover.  (As if I didn't blatently copy that)  Look at the sweet little plaid pillow in the center, from the Nell Hill store in Atchison.
 I didn't put the other curtain because we didn't have another suction rod.  The back large wall will be another huge section of bookshelves.

 I love that lamp.  But I placed the little candles on it and we didn't love it, hence no candles.
 We choose the dog theme since our dogs run our home.  Those are the little urns from Black Eyed Susan's.  Rob said I can use them to put his ashes in.  (Being sarcastic and trying to be funny) Big basket by Target.
Curtain is on a small suction rod, it won't look thin like that when it has the proper rod and it will be wider on the wall.  I love that chair from Calico Corners, it was a floor sample and I got it for 50 percent off.   That throw we bought at the Princeton University store.  It's made in Ireland and I thought it would go perfect with the room.    Lamp by Susan. Table by Mary Carol Garrity.
So as I promised I posted.  Now it's 11:39pm and I am beat.  Going to bed.  After all. . . Tomorrow is another day.


Susan@besusan.com said...

Looking good! So cozy.

Not you hanging the drapes for a photo...too funny.

I can't wait to see your dream come true.

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