Black Eyed Susan's Christmas Unveiling! At last!

 Last night was Susan Taylors Christmas Unveiling.  Every year she creates these amazing classes where she teaches us how to decorate, create and transform beautiful things.  Everything was frosted, and silver and white.  It was truly magical.
 Susan looked stylish as usual and she mesmerized all of us with helpful creative ideas to transform our homes into Christmas spectacular!

 This stunning hutch was once dark wood.  Susan transformed it by painting it a soft robins egg blue, very suttle and peaceful complete with sweet chicken wire doors.  Stunning!

 I love these trees.  They were so sparkly and beautiful in person.  My flash often changes the color, I hate that when that happens.  Like below, this tree looks more gold than silver.

 There were birds everywhere, glittered birds and snow covered birds.  Icy blue and grey dominated this tree.
 Suzanne and Susan made us delicious treats.
This was the very first year that I didn't attend the class with my dear friends KC and Lisa.  But I took my friend Michelle with me and I warned her about going.  I told her "Proceed with Caution and I wouldn't be responsible for her buying frenzy after attending one of these."
From left to right.  Suzanne, Shannon, Susan, Me & Michelle.
We had a fantastic night.  I returned home with two large shopping bags of which I immediatley removed all my purchases and hid the bags deep in my garbage bag.  Rob was sitting by his computer when I got home.  He saw me throwing out the bags and asked me "So what did you get?"
I replied, "Oh just a few little things."  He then said, "Those look like pretty big bags."  To which I replied as I exited quickly from the kitchen, "Oh they just had too many big bags and were giving them to everyone.  Good night."


Suzanne said...

Oh, yaaay! I made it into one of your posts. LOL. It was so great to see you and it was nice meeting your friend, Michelle. It was another magical night. :)

I'm so glad you got a picture of that mantle. I have been thinking about it - and wishing I HAD one to decorate. ;-)

Have a nice weekend. See you at the next event! xo

P.S. Kifli recipe coming to you soon.

Susan@besusan.com said...

I love your account of the evening! You're a loyal member of the BES fan club and we love love love having you on board! Thanks for the accolades and kind words.

It's always a happy night (or day) when you cross the doorstep.

BTW, Connie located two square wreaths for you..coming soon!

Love you. Come back soon.

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