Christmas Inventory, T minus 5

So I've been thinking about decorating for Christmas.  As much as I abolutely love to, I hate the beginning of it.  I hate to haul those boxes from the Barn across into the house, I hate that feeling of being overwhelmed as I look over all my boxes.   I decided to go simpler this year.  At first I was only putting up our real tree in our family room and our dinning room pencil tree.
But, thanks to Susan. . .
And her Christmas classes (see blog post) where she showcased this years trees and icy white and silver theme, I thought about bringing in my white tree again but this time removing everything that's Navy and just having everything white and silver.  (Check her blog on my blog roll)
Thanks to Mary Carol . . .    
and her open house in September where she had her house decorated magically in fall and Christmas decor. Thanks to that trip I can not sleep at night thinking of how I can copy atleast 50 things I saw at her Lovely home.
(Please see her blog if you haven't already, it is a must)  
I went to the barn today with my husband to rumage through our Christmas boxes and take inventory.  Honestly, it sounds easier than it is.  The entire upstairs of our barn has boxes only filled with Chrismas decor.  Rob was excited because I told him I was thinking of toning things down a bit so he happily agreed to walk with me and help me bring a few things back.  
In my mind I know that although I'm only doing the three trees, in my head I'm thinking of doing other things as well.  We went and looked through every box.  Rob said happily . . .
"We can make two groups.  The boxes we are leaving here and the boxes we are taking.  It all sounded very orderly.  I shook my head as I'm lost in thought scanning my boxes with my laser infrared eyes scanning inside each one right?
"This one staying or going?"  Rob asked. "Hmmm, I think going."  I replied.  
"How about this one?"  "Ummm, going."
"This one?"  "Going!"
Are you picking up the pattern here?   
So out of 34 or so boxes, I believe about four are definitely staying, 3 are maybes and everything else is piled near the staircase waiting to come home.  
It was exhausting looking ahead at all the work.  Exciting, but at the same time, overwhelming.
I managed to bring back one thing with me which was a garland I had bought in January from Susan's store.  I bought it with our new stone mantle in mind.  
I couldn't resist and placed it today.  Tell me what you think.
 I love it with it's various shades of green and many beautiful authentic pinecones.  This is all I'm putting in the study for Christmas.  I want it to look very simple in here.
 As I thanked these two lovely women who have inspired me I need to thank one more who helped me pick everything out in our study.  KC, my talented friend.  
Thank you my beautiful friend.


Susan@besusan.com said...

It does put one in a mind frame of overwhelm. I know it all too well. When all the new inventory and Christmas stories come out of the stockroom and are piled up all over the store, it feels totally, completely and forever OVERWHELMING! In a good way and a bad way...oh, my!

It's been years since I did a "whole house" Christmas design at the Taylor household. I miss it.

I have a dream that one year I could put together a short list of dear friends, let's say...you, Jeff , Shannon, Linda , Denise, and me....we could take a week and all work at each other's houses to set up Christmas!

Let's plan it.

The mantle looks divine. My only thought...perhaps some larger objects, i.e. lidded urns, finials, candle vessel...something just a bit larger for balance. The small lanterns could still be a part of things. Love the pinecones. I'm sure the room will be delicious.

No worries. It will all be worth it. Next year...the team work!!

Dream with me a little.

Windlost said...

Oh, this sounds like it is off to an interesting start! :)
Simple...if you are anything like me you won't be able to stop...
xo Terri

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