Mary Carol's Style

So when I visited Mary Carol Garrity's home in September I was drawn to the way she placed her art work above door arches and windows.  She has sets of prints all grouped together over certain spots.  I loved it.  Absolutely loved it.  These were my favorite areas.
Above her window seat.

 Above her entrance to her living room to the foyer was my favorite spot.

So I did my own version of it.  Of course my home is smaller scale.  But I am happy with my attempt and happy with the outcome.
 Anyone interested in those prints, they are from Nell Hill.  You can find them on the website under shop and accessories.  Reasonably priced for the set.  I love them.


Windlost said...

How beautiful - thanks for sharing!! I am soooo with you on relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee in a comfy chair with a dog (or cat) at hand....

Must go check out Nell Hill.


xo Terri

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