My Son Has A Job!

We have a beautiful absolutely Norman Rockwell Tree farm across the road from our home.  It is where we have gotten our trees for years.  I absolutely love it there.  The smell, the land, the house and barn is just a true bucolic setting.
Here is Tim and Rob a couple of years ago brining in our perfect find from the tree farm.

Here we are last year picking our tree.  
Matt always finds the best tree.  
It has become our holiday tradition to go to the tree farm and pick our tree.  Well Matthew officially got a job at the farm.  I am thrilled.  My dear friend KC's son's have worked there for years and she told me about talking to the owner.  Matt spoke to him last year and he told him to call him in August.  Well he did and in September Matthew went for training.  He cut down a tree by himself.  I still can't believe it.  He will be reporting in for work on Nov 19 at 7am.  
I'm so proud of my young man.
At the same time my older son just began his internship at an Editing company in NYC.  He is graduating in a few months and hopefully will be working at one of the companies he's interning in.  
Life is just speeding by.  I'm trying to take as many mental pictures as I can.  
So many things to be thankful. . . 


Kimberly Merritt said...

If I had to have a building across from me, then a Christmas tree farm would be it! I can almost smell the pine...

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Congrats to your son! What a fun job and so close to home! What a beautiful site it must be to have Christmas tree farm so near. Can you believe it's here? Where has this year gone too? I have the shop about ready for the Annual Open House, a few more orders due in some tweaking and I'll call it a go.... hope all is well your way.. hugs ~lynne~

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