Notorious for Lists!

So it has become that time again for me to begin with my lists.
T minus 4 days until my best friend visits with her family.
T minus 9 days until Thanksgiving
T minus 10 days until my husband family comes the day after Thanksgiving
T minus 11 days until I begin my Christmas Decorating
T minus 18 days until we get our real tree
T minus 25 days until my Christmas Party

AHHHHHHH!!!  By the way, you should know that I live for November and December and without all these things to do that I just mentioned, I probably would be a very sad soul.    I swear I should have been born in the 1940 or so when it wasn't embarrasing to admit for a woman that she loved to host parties and to decorate her home and to cook elaborate meals.  I love that!  Of course I don't want to cook elaborate meals daily or host a party every week.  Honestly, it does take a lot out of me but I love it, absolutely love it.
So I walk around with my legal pad jotting down things around the house that I need to repair, change, paint, or something I'm in need of before any of the above occur.
If you have been wondering why I haven't blogged about the study for a week, it's because I'm anxiously waiting for it to be painted and for the floor to be placed.  I told the workers about my company in an attempt to speed things up.  I'm so excited about bringing my things in so that on Saturday the house will appear ready for company.
Wish me luck.  In the meantime, I'll be writing things down on my list.


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