A Visit With Friends, Welcoming the Holidays.

Matt started his new job at the tree farm.  Here he is a few years ago, tiny and so young.  I can't believe my "baby Matty" has a job and is hauling 15 feet Douglas firs over his shoulder.  He came home beat and sore with pine needles everywhere and a rash on his neck from the sap.  I am in awe of him.
We had a visit from my "God nephew and Godson, my sister/best friend sons and family.  It was the start of the holiday season.  The air was crisp, and all was good.  It didn't matter that I had rushed the workers to put in light fixtures in the study, picked up the heaviest couch in the world and held it up for what seemed like eternity, mopped the floor at least four times to get rid of the endless dust from the new construction, called 1-800 got junk at the last minute to pick up all the debris outside, cooked and baked early that morning, the time had come, we were with friends and family and all was right.
Funny the things we put ourselves through.
I grew up in the late 60's when the world still respected and set a standard for what it believed was "the norm."
Norman Rockwell, Bing Crosby specials, the Brady Bunch. Everything showing us how things should be.  Perfection.  I am mixed about whether of not we are better off today than then.  This generation isn't familiar with Norman Rockwell, but they are exposed to reality tv and anything that goes against the rules.  My sons have been exposed to my passions and obsessions, Martha Stewart contributed alot to my neurosis.  But all my mistakes, obsessions, ideals have somehow rubbed off on them.  So they too have expectations.  I think they believe that "sure mom can pull off two Thanksgivings in two days for two different sets of family with all the trimmings, or decorate the house in a day complete with 6 trees fully decorated while baking 12 pounds of assorted and frosted christmas cookies."  I asked for it right?
Well Thursday and Friday we have family coming.  I usually decorated Black Friday.  Let me rephrase that. . . I live to decorate the house on Black Friday.  My feet never enter a store.  I am primping garland, and standing on ladders, hooking ornaments and hanging crystals from one of my trees.  I am in sweatpants all day, hair a mess, maybe a hint of makeup but I don't care.  I am in my glory.
Well this year my husband's family is coming so I have to decorate on Saturday.
Every year I feel the rush, the pressure.  Although I enjoy it and live for this time of year, I know I am slowing down.
I love Sundance Magazine, started by the founder and one of my favorite movie stars, Robert Redford.  He always writes a few words of inspiration with a profound message.  This month for his Holiday issue, he talked about growing up and how his pulse raced in anticipation for Christmas and how on Christmas day, after the thrill of all the gifts and the long awaited arrival of the day of all days, it felt to him like a giant balloon deflating.  He then goes on to say( and I'm quoting him)
"Over time I've come to realize that it is in the climb up the mountain that is more rewarding than the stand at the top."
I belive that.  I pray that we all appreciate and focus on the climb up in all things in life.  That we may strive to perfect our steps and cherish the good and the bad, the perfect moments and the not so perfect ones.  For that is what makes us truly human and truly closer to God.  That is my quote.  Hee Hee.


Susan@besusan.com said...

A bit of nostalgia for sure.

I feel much the same, but add 20 years on the "can't do what I used to". Until this year, I just "did it"....but with my recent health issues, I'm looking at things slightly different.

The climb is still exciting,but the people along the path are the most important.

I'll be waiting to see your progress. You can do it. You're one Martha,Mary Carol and Susan rolled into one. Hee hee (to quote a good friend).

Windlost said...

Such a beautiful, thoughtful post Lee. It sounds like you push yourself very hard, but that you love all the details and the beauty you create. We are so similar that way, but headaches have reminded me to slow down and I can't make things as great as I want them to be. Give yourself a break or cut corners sometimes. I am very much a "from scratch" kind of person, similar ethics as you, but I have given myself permission to use the potato salad from the store (sorry) or the frozen cookie dough from Costco sometimes. I feel like I am failing somehow, but then again, appreciate not having to do all the dishes and saving an hour! The secret to a perfect life is good shortcuts I think!

Congrats to your son on his job - sounds like he has his Mom's work ethic.

And I know what you mean about bygone days versus today. The world seems to sad and corrupt and there is no purity left in kids by the time they are 16 or 17. It is sad. I am so thankful for small things, like my Starbucks, legs that work, our warm and solid house (if not my dream house), that I have a job, etc. I am so thankful for Nature and small things - kindnesses, etc. I notice all of that and I know you do too!

A lovely post. I hope you enjoy the tree trimming. Six trees? I love the trimming but I am also happy when it is done...and I can put my feet up.

xo Terri

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