1973, Christmas morning.  I was 8year old.  I have about 6 photos of me on Christmas morning.  It's so bizzarre.  I take photos for everything even when there is no occasion to take photos I take them.  And I have to rummage through every album and shoe box to come up with 6.  Most of them are blurry and out of focus and the one that I truly wanted is missing.  I had used it a few years ago for a Christmas card and I guess I didn't put it back and now it's gone.  I know it wasn't because my parents didn't want to take photos, it was just a different time.  Not the digital revolution that we have all been spoiled with.  Now people don't even take a second to marvel at, in my opinion, the greatest invention ever.  A photograph.  Have you thought of it as much as I have?  Seriously.  How a flash can capture an image forever and display it in a milisecond.  Magical!  Miraculous!  Awe worthy.  What makes it so special to me is that life is constantly stealing from us.  It's stealing our time, our age, life is moving and changing and the people we most hold dear at some point must go as well.  But through this miraculous wonder, we are able to steal something back.  Something that we can hold on to even long after the moment, and the person are gone.  Although I can no longer see my father in person or hear his voice, I can see him in my photographs.  I can't go back to when I was 8 but I have a precious glimpse of a moment, a moment where I was happy.  Truly happy.  (Although I look like I had been sipping too much egg nog)
Take photos, take of your family, of your home, of your dogs, of your tree.  Create memories so that you may leave something behind.
I can't go back to 1973, although deep down I wish I could.  But I can document today and the next day for me to look back on and remember when my mind will need a bit of help, or for my children so that they can show their children.
1972, me and my cat.  (Don't remember his name)

Wishes for Christmas Eve
I wish that we can look beyond the presents and appreciate the holiest of nights for what it is alone.
I wish that we can find a moment to pray.  Yes pray and give thanks for what we have.
I wish that we can feel the excitement that I obviously felt in these photos, that of a young child.
And above all, I pray for peace.  Peace in my home, peace in my heart and my families.  I pray for peace in your home and families and heart as well.
Merry Christmas.


Susan@besusan.com said...

The merriest of Christmases to you.

Love you.

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