Being Overshadowed

 The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come on you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.

Have you ever had the privilege to sit in an empty church?  I have, many times.  Growing up in a Franciscan community, working as the parish receptionist as a teenager and involved with our youth group enabled me to have many opportunities to rest in the silence of an empty church.  It is a luxury that few of us have experienced.  But I can say that I have.  Today our priest/pastor talked about the annunciation in his homily/sermon.  His theme was "to be overshadowed by God."
When someone overshadows someone they completely block out the other.  Mary allowed God to do that, so she became engulfed by his presence.  He then completed his homily by saying "let us allow him to overshadow us."
There are moments when I can't handle anymore of what the day holds, whether it is stress over a situation or being consumed with worry for my son's, mother etc. . . If you have ever gone through anything intense and have been distracted for a second, a fleeting moment, loosing focus on what is stressful and worrisome?  For those few seconds that you have laughed or smiled and forgotten it is totally a freeing experience.  That moment of freedom is true peace.  I think that allowing God to take over and overshadow us is that of finding true peace in the freedom of letting go.  That is why I love a silent house, or a moment of silence, I try to clear my head and realize now that what I was trying to do was what Fr. Birch was talking about today.  Allowing God to Overshadow us.  As we get older its harder and harder to do.  To be still can sometimes be the most impossible task.  
Amy Grant's Christmas song "I need a silent night" is about just that.  
"I need a silent night
A Holy Night
To hear the angels voice
Through the chaos and the noise
I need a midnight clear
A little peace right here
To end this crazy day, with a silent night."
 This Christmas and holiday season, I pray you find time to Allow God to overshadow you so that you may feel his presence in the silence and you may find rest from what worries you.  That is all I want for Christmas and what I wish for all my loved ones.  


Alexie said...

Love this xoxo. Thank you.
See you soon my friend.

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