The Bookshelves are in. . .

Rob just started putting his books in them.  He has so many, I don't know if they will all fit when he's done.  But for now I decided not to wait and take some photos.
 I have little wreaths on each valence.  Can you see them?
I managed to sneak in two christmas trees.  Can you see them?  Hee Hee.
Do you see that picture on the bottom shelf?  I bought that about 4 years ago in an old shop for about 8 dollars.  It's a painting of "The Hunt" Dogs and men on horseback sporting there equestirian red blazers.  I loved it and thought, someday, maybe I will have a study to put it in.

I love the color of the couch, it is exactly the green I wanted.  It reminds me of Christmas.


Anna Belle said...

Love your study. The bookshelves are beautiful. Would you move the rug closer to the fireplace? It seens as though the sofa is floating on the rug which is floating in the center of the room.
Not being mean. Love your blog!!!

Windlost said...

Your house is so beautiful - like someone wealthy and with great taste lives there. :D
That sofa is a gorgeous colour - I have a green sofa that i love the colour of. Who makes this model? So nice.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a beautiful new year. Thanks for being such a friend of Windlost. I always love it when you come by to comment as I know it will be thoughtful and generous.

xo Terri

Susan@besusan.com said...

The room is lovely. Your dream-accomplished!

Never too many bookcases....

Love you.

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