How Sweet The Sound. . .

My son Matt is in the chorus at his prep school.  The other night we had the Christmas concert to go to.  It had been a long day for me and had a lot of complications throughout the day.  By five oclock in the evening when it was time to drop off my son for practice before the event later that evening, I was exhausted.  Needless to say when I returned home, trying to speed down a dark congested highway that I am deathly afraid of, I was ready for bed.  As soon as my husband arrived we got in the car and raced back to the school.
All I can say is that I am so very thankful that I went.  It was an incredible night.  The orchestra was incredible.  Even Radio City Music Hall and all of it's glory could not have dimmed the light these young musicians and singers brought into that chapel.  My son, being one of them.  I was so proud.  Here are a few pics of the night.
The chapel was adorned with poinsettias donated from the mom's in remembrance of a loved one.  One of the red ones is for my dad.  It was so beautiful.
These are the boys from Holy Ghost Prep.
My Matthew is behind the Microphone on the top row.
 This is the beautiful chapel, the home of the spiritan priests.

My son's photos were all behind the microphone, but I could hear his voice in my heart.


Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

It sounds like your son is at an all boys prep school. My boys attended one and I always loved the concerts that were put on for Christmas. One of mine was in the "Man Choir" for a fine arts credit his junior year. He had such a great time. He played bass guitar for them his senior year and talked his brother into playing the drums. Great pictures!

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