Repeat the Sounding Joy . . .

So My Christmas Extravaganza was a success!  I have always been obsessed with Christmas specials growing up.  I would watch Bing Crosby's, Bob Hopes, Barbra Mandrell and the Mandrell sisters, and the list goes on.  In my mind, (I know your thinking she's crazy) I have always imagined having one.  I know how I would start it off too, outside in the snow.  My son is about to graduate from college as a film editor and cameraman, and someday, when he's in a good mood and needs money I'm going to get him to film one for me I know it.  But until then, my yearly Christmas Caroling Extravaganza is the closest thing.  Here's a peek!

Repeat the sounding joy, a line I sing often in my head.  If only the moments that warmed are hearts could stay forever repeating over and over to remind us of when we are at our happiest.  This is how I feel when I'm with the people I love.  Let these images stay forever in my mind and heart. 
"Repeat the sounding joy, repeat the sounding joy, repeat repeat the soun- ding joy."


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