Tidings of Comfort And Joy. . . A Sweet and Unexpected gift

So Christmas Eve came and all I had asked for was slippers.  That's all I ever want every year, that and if my camera is out of whack I ask for a new one. I can't live without a camera.  Anyway, I asked for comfortable slippers.  Both my sons gave me slippers.  I loved both.  They are both equally comfortable and lovely to look at.  What more can a girl ask for?
I'm not a jewelry person.  I do love shiny costume jewelry that shines and glitters but wouldn't pay more than 40 dollars for it.  I enjoy shopping for clothes at Forever 21 or the Gap or Sears Lands End.  I like comfortable things.  I love home decor but I have no more room for anything else.  And we built the study this fall and I probably won't be able to buy another thing for the house before I'm 70 so I am set for a long time.  Anyway, I wasn't expecting anything else.  Didn't need or desire anything else.  Just Peace.
Well my husband handed me a box.  A beautiful box.  One of those painted boxes with lovely christmas flowers and birds on it, too beautiful to open.  When I opened it I found this wrapped in tissue paper.

I found these three beautiful books.  Three volumes with my name on it.  It was my BLOG.
I had to struggle to hold back my tears (which by the way came back to me on Christmas Eve - My Christmas gift from God, allowing me to cry again.  I hadn't cried in over 8 months.)
My blog, the blog I write in everyday, love, vent in, create in, get lost in.  My husband had listened to me talk about wanting to have a legacy, leaving something my sons could have for years and years after I'm gone.  Well now they will have an almost daily journal of our lives.  They will get to know me, the silly me, the deep me, the creative me, the mother in me, designer, writer, sentimental and jerky me.
I could not have asked for a better more beautiful and kind gift.  Nor could I ask for a better husband.
I can't stop looking at my blog books.  They have documentation since 2008 until present.
He also promised me that every year he'll add another volume.
Ladies, tell your husbands about this or do it for yourselves.  I can't tell you how beautiful they are and how amazing it is too look back and read my life in this book.  I have logged trips, recipes, experiences, graduations, birthdays, death and joy in these pages.  They are all here for me to keep and cherish.
I know that so many of you have such incredible blogs, think about it.  You will cherish them too.


Windlost said...

How beautiful! I never knew such a thing existed!!! Where do you get these made? I have thought of the same thing myself - how odd it is having this online record that could be lost!! What an incredible gift and good hubby!!

Thank you for the info on the Ethan Allen sofa!!! Your house is soooo lovely.

I love the photos he chose for the front of the books..

xo Terri

Maryann S said...

Wow! What a wonderful gift! Enjoy!

Alexie said...

Robby is DA MAN!!! I love him because he is good to you. I love you my sister xoxo

Lee said...

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They will customize and make your blog into a book.

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