What Makes It Christmas For Me. . .

Christmas is more than a day or a month.  It is more than a date on the liturgical calendar.  It is a frame of mind.  It is very easy to allow life to diminish the "feeling of Christmas."  We might have lost loved ones, or maybe we are going through problems within our family, or financial problems, whatever it might be, it is easy to slip away from what it's all about.
I have a few things that help me remain positive and excited and in tune with the beauty and magical existance, that is of Christmas.    It is my most favorite time of the year.  I cherish it.  When we bought our house one of the determining buying factors was how beautiful it would look at Christmastime.
It is the season where I most feel God.
These are a few things that help me get into the presence of Christmas.
(Remember these are my daily reminders, some are silly and some are just part of my growing up and what I was used to.  Adjust the list according to your taste.  Hee Hee)
l. Any Starbucks Christmas concoction.  It looks beautiful, tastes devine and has tons of whip cream.
   I've learned that in life, any warm drink topped off with whip cream will automatically lift your spirits.
2. Winterberries.  Any kind.  I'm obsessed with them.  Has three bushes planted two years ago and the
     darn deer have eaten them and left them dry.  So upset I don't have my own.  I use them for cuttings
    in my garland and arrangements.  They just yell Christmas.
3. Home made Christmas cookies.  In my home, it is not christmas unless you have been baking since
    Thanksgiving.  I bake and give away, and eat one every day.  My home smells heavenly and my
    son's appreciate it.  They have become cookie snobs.  Whenever they see that someone brought us
    store bought Christmas cookies, they look at one another and chuckle quietly.  As if they are trying to
    say, "Really, store bought, our mom makes them from scratch."  It's rewarding to hear that.
4. I have to watch Christmas movies at night.  We used to watch them all together but now I can't
    compete with football and hockey games on tv so I try to watch one each night.  My favorite are the
    classics.  Although Meet Me In St. Louis isn't exactly a holiday film, who can resist when Judy
   Garland sings "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" out the window of that amazing old home.
   I always have to watch Miracle on 34th, Christmas Story, Little Women and It's a Wonderful Life.
   Lifetime and Hallmark have lovely ones as well.  Take time to enjoy them.
5. Fresh greens.  If you say you don't need them it's because you've never had fresh greens in your
   home.  Try it.  The look, feel, smell is irreplaceable.
6. James Taylor's Christmas Album, need a say more.  My favorite holday music and my favorite voice.
7.Winter itself, with a touch of snow just enough to turn everything magical.
8. If I can't have my Holiday Punch every day, its Cranberry Gingerale, the greatest invention since Pez.
9. Fresh cut wood, burning in your fireplace.  The smell when I am outside at night walking my dogs is
    so wonderful.
10. Any Christmas scented candles and soaps.  Williams & Sonoma has a lovely Winter Forest.  To die
     for.  Anything Balsam & Ceder smelling.
11.Correspondence, mail, real Christmas cards in my mailbox. Not an email but a real card. Love it.
12. Santa, what he stands for, himself.  I adore him.  He is St Nicholas and he brings me comfort and
     joy, although I can't look at an authentic santa without tearing up.  Always, since I was young.
     Love him so much.  In my house, we believe, I shall always believe.  A friend asked me the other day
    what age did I tell me kids.  I said "tell them what?"  I have never ever said anything to my sons.  My
    sons are 21 and soon to be 16.  I told them I believe, you choose.  That was all I said.  Done.  We've
    never spoken on the subject again.
13. A real tree.
14. Entertaining, my yearly Christmas Party where we sing for hours our favorite carols.  And being
     around my family and best friends along with good food and song.
15. Matt's playing.  He plays the piano everyday.  I love when he plays Christmas music.  It fills our
     home with peace.
16. Praying.  Everyday, as much as possible.


for the love of a house said...

loved reading your Christmas list! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmastime!


p.s. thank you so much for leaving your "calling card"!

Windlost said...

Love your list - most of it resonates deeply with me too. I don't know much of James Taylor's work - will have to check this out!! I love scented things too but David hates them, so I can't burn all my fir scented candles. :(
I love real cards and real trees and Christmas music (mostly choral) and the movies...

xo Terri :D

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