It's That Time Again!

My Fried Green Tomato Obsession Time.
So these are my tomato plants.  So as you know, if you read my blog (not too many out there do, but that's okay) We are building our study (well they will be starting in 2 weeks, septic issues, but all done.)
So my Veggie garden is no more.  I always have to plant tomatos in the summer.  So I decided to plant them in pots.  Well I bought a few plants and planted them.  A week later, strolling though my  Veggie Garden (what's left of it.  Weed Galore, since I never tilled the soil or planted anything) To my surprise, tomato plants everywhere.  AHHH!  I need 4 pots to plant everything.
Part of my Veggie garden that I can show.  There is one tomato plant hiding here.  It's crazy.  I must have 15 tomato plants.
Anyway, Two years back, my husband and I did the "Nicholas Sparks Tour" Traveling around the outer banks and a few places in North Carolina starting with his home town of New Bern.

We ate at the Chelsee Restaurant which was Lovely.  And I was smitten with the chef's recipe of his own rendition of Fried Green Tomatoes my fav.  I called him up after I got home to find out what was the secret.  He was so charming and southern and said "I can't tell you but you can guess."  Well I wound up guessing most of it and then he told me the secret.  I will tell you too.  

Okay so I sliced my absolutely beautiful green tomatos.

Seasoned equal parts of cornmeal and flour with substantial amount of coarse salt an a pinch of black pepper.  Then took milk and egg batter, seasoned that too with salt for dipping.

So the secret ingredients for garnish were fresh mozzarella and a puree of a poached pear and pureed basil.  Yummy in my tummy.
Here is the finished product.  To Die For!!!!!!!!

This is the creation of a 5 star chef who incorporated the perfect flavors and infused them ever so perfectly with the green tomato.  Ahhhhhh!  Delightful.  Enjoy!


I just "Susafied" My Mantle. What do you think?

So I changed my mantle completely, totally using Susan's as a model.  The first photo is from Susan's class.  Well that's what she does the classes for, so we can learn from her.  What do you think?  Mine is the second photo.


Symmetry is Back and So Is BES Classes

I was so excited not to miss Accessorizing 101 Susan Taylor's summer class.  I have unfortunately missed a few already and I definitely did not want to miss this one.  My friend Kc and I were excited to attend and we found wonderful new things.  We also found out a few new rules of thumb to follow in todays chic decor.
1. Symmetry is back!  No way!  It took me about three years to stop looking at everything as if I could fold the page and learn to think in three's and odds etc.  Now everything is symmetrical.  Ahhhhh!.
2. Chartreuse is the new black.
3. Succulence and Moss are the must have's items when accessorizing.
4. Layering is a must.

We learned so much in the class and I tried as best as I could to document everything.  So sit back and scroll.
I love this piece of furniture that serves as an extra mantle.  After all it is all about having places to put things isn't it?
The two ivory vases I bought with the greenery for my mantle.  

This table reminds me of the Nell Hill table I just purchased for our study.  

I love how Susan layered these two framed photos and I love the paleness in color next to the stone.  Our fireplace for the study is going to be stone as well, I like this idea.

So here we go with the symmetry.

Love this lamp, the inside has these gorgeous birds.

Gotta love the orange!

I love the symmetry here.

This table is truly spectacular.  I love all the earthy elements in decor, the stones, the plants and ferns and leaves.

Another lovely table.

This is my favorite color green.  It just pops.

This table was so heavy and beautiful.  My camera didn't do it justice.  It is an off white.  Like sand.

This seafoam color of these lamps were exquisite.

My partner in crime, KC.

I'm so mad this came out so dark.  

This mirror above the mantle is absolutely amazing.  I want it so bad, I just need to get a bigger house to get it.  Hee Hee.

This couch is simply to die for, the color the texture and I love the pillows.  And Yeah, nail heads.  My new couch has nailheads too.

I love these fabrics and textures.  How they compliment each other is Divine.

Okay so these are Susan's shoes.  I love them so much I had to take a photo.

This was my favorite chair.  

I think this pretty much sums Susan's philosophy along with Mae West's.

And here is the chartreuse color.  Lovely!


My Kitchen

(Carolyne Roehm's Kitchen)
I was inspired by Susan Taylor's blog about a kitchen she just glammed up.  I adore my kitchen too and thought hey, why not blog about it.  I've often blogged about my number one decorating & gardening mentor and idol Carolyne Roehm. I wanted to post this photo of her kitchen because this was my total inspiration when I renovated our kitchen years back.  Our kitchen was dark, dated and small.  I hated it but loved the house.  So we decided that we could design our own kitchen with the help of an excellent architect and a wonderful kitchen designer.  I knew two things,  I wanted a kitchen that reminded me of one of my fav movies "The Big Chill"  The kitchen in that movie was beautiful, inviting and open.  I wanted the look not to look dated, more modern with a touch of country.  On one of the visits to Carolyne Roehm's home I fell in love with her kitchen (posted above) and thought "Aha!"  So I got photos of her kitchen and photos of The Big Chill kitchen and put them together.
Here was our result.
  View from the sunroom. I replaced the wreath with a clock above.

Our kitchen has seen so many parties and get togethers.  It is truly the heart of our home.

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