The Furniture Is Here. . . 

The Study Is Coming Soon. . . 


Love This! Need I Say More.

And by the way for all you mockers and anti-twilight lovers, check out Thoughts, the blog by none other than the lovely designer of the infamous design blog COTE DE TEXAS.  She shares my obsession and love for Edward.  But don't tell her that he's mine alone.
Also was looking through some photos and noticed this one with my best friend Sonali.  Maybe I do have more in common with Edward than I realized.
It's all in the eyes.  Hmmmmmm.


Bonjour Paris! And Bonjour Bistro Table.

I have always admired little iron Bistro Tables.  Loved them.  They remind me of my trip to Paris.  Years ago when Tim was just a baby Rob took me to Paris.  I shall never forget my trip and hope to make it again someday soon.

Here I am in Paris along side the Seine River  overlooking the magnificent Eiffel Tower.  AHHH!
My husband likes to take black and white photographs.  I kinda like it too.  This reminds me of the movie Funny Face.  Audrey Hepburn and Fred Estair.  By the way, what the heck was I thinking wearing these pants?
This is when we were newly married and I was my husbands Muse.  Now I have to beg him to take my photo and pray he doesn't cut my head off when he does.  Hee Hee.
Here we go, some color.  Here I am in front of the Arc D'Triumph.
I named this bride, "My Bridge"  Because it is the most spectacular the most beautiful bridge in the world  I loved it.
So much for film right! Cest Le vie!  Thank God for digital cameras.  Look how bad this looks.  Oh well, me and my hubby.
Anyway, we traveled through Paris and I loved all the cozy little corners with Bistro Tables.  I finally got one this week for my back yard.  Now I have a little bit of Paris in my home.
I absolutely love it.  I found this cute umbrella and I thought it was perfect with it.

As I sit in my little bistro table drinking my coffee I can smell the fragrant aroma of my beautiful Gardenias.  This little tree has produces so many glorious flowers.  The scent is absolutely intoxicating.  I bought this little tree at my supermarket never thinking I would come to love it so.


Ode To Joy. . . Ode To My Garden.

It's mid July and everything is blooming and vibrant in color.  Getting ready to go into auto pilot for the summer.  Had to take some photos before the heat gets the best of it.  Hope you like them.

A Special Visitor

This seagull was very comfortable on our lifeguards lap.  Apparently she or he is used to having a morning snack with the lifeguard.  He had a ziploc bag with some kind of feed for it and the bird was eating out of the bag on his lap.  Thought that was really cool.


Me, once removed

I am at my most calm and tranquil place at the beach.  I try not to speak, I listen.  Listen to the ocean, the waves, the gulls, the breeze, the silence.  I'm lucky to have a place to go where I am away from the noise.  I spent a week at out home in Cape May.  Nothing better, no place I rather be but here, there.  It is  my sanctuary.
Watched my youngest son and his cousin wrestle with the waves and applauded as they appeared victorious after surviving being tossed inside the barrel of a wave.
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