Love For The Past

So remember when I posted about the e-bay painting?  William Post landscape?  If not go back a few.
Anywho, the auction closes tomorrow.  My husband had placed a bid and so far no one has gone over it so therefore it might be mine tomorrow.
One little problem,
I love going to little antique shops.  I decided to stop at one yesterday just to take a look.  You won't believe what I found.
Okay so this is the painting that we placed on bid on ebay for.
I wanted it for over my bed.  It's so serene to me and beautiful.  I love the way the tree texture looks and the lake and the frame.  Everything about it I love especially the rectangular shape which is more unique than a regular square painting.  Okay, got that?
Now here goes the problem.
I found this one at the antique shop.  Is it me or are they very similar?  The above one "ebay one" is by William Post an artist from Connecticut in the early 1900's.  It is signed and in really good condition.
This one is not signed, frame had 2 tiny chips as you can see (which I can fix with wood filler and gold paint, done it before) The scene is a little different but very similar.  The painting is older in condition and darker so not as clear as the above.  
Well the ebay one received 2 more bids.  I was worried that I might not win the painting.  The woman at the antique store said the owner of this one would give it to me for 100.  The ebay one was up to 120 and there were two more bids placed.  I bought this one.  Thought to myself, "hey its almost like it and less money and I can fix the frame.  
Well my husband told me that he had placed a hold on the painting on ebay with a maximum bid.  So far the bids are a few dollars below our holding bid. 
So what I"m trying to say is, if no one goes over our holding bid then I'm gonna have 2 paintings that are almost the same.  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I definitely would love the ebay one it looks clearer and in better condition.  I just hate the fact that I spent 100 when I might get the other one.  
I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.  


AntiqueChase said...

How about you put one above your night stand and one above your husband's night stand... can you do that? might look nice!

Alexie said...

Or how about you sell the extra one on Ebay. xoxo

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