Simple Pleasures

One of my favorite comfort foods, aside from mashed potatoes and blueberry pancakes, is butternut squash.  Pairing butternut squash with a little warm butter and some sage is absolutely heaven.  I have made ravioli from scratch with butternut squash but must admit pasta is so hard to work and too much trouble for me.  I found a simple brand of already made butternut squash raviolis that I absolutely love.  I boil them for 4 minutes then cook some butter on a small pan and just when it's about to turn brown I take it off the burner, toss some fresh sage leaves and pour it over the ravioli.  Then top with parm cheese and a pinch of garlic salt and I'm in heaven.
Although I love working on a good recipe for my family every now and then I love a short cut, a quick but healthy and great tasting meal.  The brand of the raviolis is "Safeway select" which is a generic brand.  I find it funny that I have searched for the best through different well known brands, ordered them from italian markets home made and even made them myself with two recipes, one from Martha and one from Ina Garten and my little supermarket provided me with my favorite one.  Hope you try it.
Also had to post this photo of my youngest.  My oldest took it when they went this weekend to the winter classic in Philadelphia to see the hockey game between the Rangers and the Flyers.
Love this photo.  He will be 16 next week.  Simple Pleasures, looking at photos of my sons.


Alexie said...

Que nene mas bello y dulce! Titi Lexie lo quiere mucho. xoxo

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