There is something about taking Christmas decorations down that makes me feel like I'm starting over somehow.  
The worst day of the year in my opinion is December 26th.  I never really enjoyed the week until New Years because I've always dreaded it.  Christmas and December being my most favorite time is difficult for me knowing that I have to wait an entire year for Thanksgiving and Christmas to return.  
So when New Years is over I begin to dismantle and put a way.  In the process of stripping away the tinsil and glitter I have come to the understanding that, like my home, I too will go through a transformation.  A new year and a new beginning.  I make an invisible list only seen by me of the mistakes and negative moments in 2011 and vow to learn from them for 2012.  
This year I have decided to not only simplify the decor a bit in my home, but also simplify my life a bit as well.  I want it to be as stress free as possible.  Only good stress welcome.  Like cooking for friends, or baking new cookie recipes for my sons, and things like that.  I have decided to simplify in every sense of the word.  
So I'm writing things down so I can be reminded throughout the year of the things I plan to change.
I plan to. . . 
 take things a little less seriously
rush a little less
count more than ten before loosing my patience
shop less, try to buy more of what I need than want and have no need for
try new recipes
want to make my own jam (so I can master it for next christmas - want to give my jam as christmas presents 
spend more time practicing my piano (I quit my lessons getting harder with my mother leaving her alone and wanted to save some money) I don't want to forget what I've learned
pray more (even though I feel like I"m always praying now)
and try to find the peace in everyday's situations


Alexie said...

Sounds lovely. I'll be praying for you. Love you :)

Anna Belle said...

I think you've touched the heart of the matter: people over stuff.
Have a peaceful 2012!

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